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LookFantastic Beauty Box - March 2018

Another delivery from Look Fantastic! I honestly could rave about these boxes so much, as soon as I think I'm going to stop the blog posts they hit me with one that's too good not to share.

This months theme is Beauty Empowered, to celebrate what makes us feel empowered. Beauty starts on the inside right? whether it's through self-compassion, confidence or from your favourite makeup product! This box is giving us all the empowerment feels, here's march's beauty box...

Skimono Foot Mask

I have received a face mask from Skimono before through this subscription box so I was pretty happy with another, then I noticed it's a foot mask I was actually pretty excited about this, I very rarely pamper my feet at home, I have my nails painted and massaged occasionally but I don't really bother at home. It's a deep conditioning treatment packed with shea butter and olive oil to soften hard skin and make it silky smooth.

How to use: You know the scary face masks everybody uses and they look like some sort of mummy? Yeah, this basically looks like a sock , so you pop your feet into the inner layer which has all the gorgeous squishy serum inside, secure the foot mask to your ankles with the little sticker tabs and leave for 30 minutes and then massage any remaining serum into your feet - or do what I did and get your other half to do it, it feels amazing and it really is like being pampered at home!

My thoughts: I know this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea with the squidgy texture but it really is such an amazing product, I'm such a sucker for a pamper night and this has left my feet feeling amazing!

Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

I completely adore this brand. They have some of the best face mists I have ever used. This moisturiser leaves skin feeling supple and balanced while also minimising pores and brightening the complexion. It also works well as a primer too. It also is good for using under your highlighter too. The product contains ruby crystals which help to diffuse light, minimising the appearance of wrinkles whilst giving you a little glow.

How to use: Apply liberally and evenly after cleansing, to both face and neck.

My thoughts: I adore this brand anyway and this does feel super luxurious. My skin feels so smooth after applying this and also I really love the packaging!

Renu Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

Full of vitamins, this mask enhances skins' radiance. It's super hydrating for your skin and is perfect for more mature skin.

How to use: Massage into skin avoiding delicate eye area. Leave for 10 minutes then for best results remove with lukewarm water. Also, this is great to use before a night out to ensure you look super glowy and healthy!

Skinchemists Rose Quartz Lip Plump

LFBeauty Say: This lip plump contains ingredients that will instantly plump and hydrate your lips. It contains Vitamin E to keep your lips looking and feeling smooth and the peppermint oil helps plump the lips naturally.

How to use: Apply to lips as if it were a lip gloss for a needle-free lip plump

I personally love this product (anything with Rose Quartz and I'm sold!) It does plump a tiny bit but not that is noticeable it's more like your lips a full and healthy rather than they have been injected with fillers - you can barely see a difference in size at all. However, this lip product is amazing I have been wearing it alone and it looks beautiful, my lips feel amazing and hydrated. It does have the tingle feel at first but it does wear off fairly quickly and you're left with the smoothest healthiest looking lips and I suffer from super dry lips especially in this cold. I have loved this product.

Stylondon Oval Face Brush

This brush can be used for blending and contouring your foundation, concealer, blush and powder. Its easy grip and designed to be flexible adapting to the shape of your face to ensure an even and flawless finish.

How to use: Use in a circular motion when applying your product.

My thoughts: I have wanted to use one of these brushes for soooo long I just haven't ever got round to using one. I have a feeling I will accumulate a few of these brushes now because I personally love the results it leaves! I have been obsessed with how my smoother my concealer looks when I use this brush!

Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Duo - 78 Kate & 81 Tenley

So, this is what is says on these eyeshadows ''We guarantee that these gorgeous shimmer eyeshadow shades will add instant sparkle to your look! Highly pigmented and customisable, Enjoy effortless application also with rich =, creamy and weightless texture''

How to use: Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a solo colour or combine the two together to cover the lid, use a darker shade in the creases and lighter shades up to the brow and blend well.

My thoughts: Ummm, this sounded so amazing from what the booklet that comes with it said. I personally didn't rate this product at all which never happens to me in these boxes. I thought the pigment was honestly rubbish it took me such an effort for it to even show up and I hated the packaging! It has these weird slide lids that constantly slide off. Not my kinda thing I don't think.

Sorry to end that on a sour note! I did, however, love all the other products I think my favourite would have to be the Rose Quartz Lip 'plumper' just for its hydrating purposes and I also loved the moisturiser.
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  1. I haven't had a subscription box for a couple of years now, but think I should get back to them, and this one looks awesome!! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. I love the LookFantastic boxes so much! Rarely get something I don't love and use. - Alicia Xo

  2. The skin chemists rose quartz range is to die for. I’ve not the tried the lip items but the facials and skin care bits from it are some of my go tos!!

    1. Oh really! I want to try the skincare after trying this! Will deffo have to I think lol - Alicia Xo

  3. Great post, haven't had a beauty box since you beauty moved over to latest in beauty. Might have to get back on it x

    1. I love them! LF ones are really good they have a lot of natural products too! - Alicia Xo

  4. Love that brush - such a great goody for a monthly box x

    1. I agree! LookFantastic are always good! Xo

  5. Looks like you received some fab products this month, love the look of the lip plumper!

    Heather xo |

    1. It's so good for hydration too! - Alicia Xo

  6. Love the style of the box. It's such a pretty design, I'd want to keep it for other things. I really like the sound of that foot mask too. I barely ever pamper my feet but I really should and squidgy serum socks sounds right up my street haha. xx

    1. Yes it's so cool the box, I think I'll keep it to store things in haha. I barely pamper my feet too but this stuff is amazing! - Alicia Xo

  7. I've subbed to both birchbox and glossybox, but not look fantastic! maybe i should try this one one month!

  8. The moisturiser sounds fab! I live for them! The brush sounds cool too, I still need to try one!

    Katie xx

  9. I haven't tried the Look Fantastic subscription box, but when I see these posts they always look so good! x


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