Sunday, 21 October 2018

Affordable Autumn Jewellery ♥︎

For some reason I wear more jewellery in autumn I don't know why I just think layered clothing and layered jewellery pieces make a really good outfit and also the sun makes me want to have as little on as poss!

I used to always switch my jewellery up, so in the summer I loved gold warm tones really minimal and in autumn/winter I would change it up to chunky silver jewellery.
However, this year I am really loving gold with my autumn outfits, I think it's because of the crisp orange and yellow leaves and all the other warm colours I think it matches really well (I know who matches the scenery with their jewellery? - clearly me!)
If you haven't noticed my palette is pretty nude. I love anything nude, warm or just anything neutral and I love how well gold compliments nude, beige and cream colours so these pieces I found on ASOS and Glitskiin I am sooooo happy with!

Glistkin is a brand I very recently discovered, they have such affordable and quirky pieces which I am currently obsessed with. I obviously went for the gold pieces, the two-faced necklace and earring are soooo cute I don't ever really buy matching jewellery sets but these look really cute and I will wear them separately too.
I also got another plain midi ring (you can never have enough) and a cute circle ring too and I really do adore all these pieces they look so cool!

Okay, these beasty babes. Now don't judge I know they look a little bit out there but they look soooo pretty in person. I used to love hoop earrings as a teen and I am kinda glad they are back! These babies are huge. They are definitely on the bigger end of the hoop scale but they are so gorgeous, the stones do not make it look tacky which I actually thought they would look super cheap in real life but they don't at all. 
I would pair these with a little black dress or a little white dress on a night out I think they would look sooo pretty!

The next piece is hoop earrings again but a little more modest, they are a simple, small hexagon hoop. I really liked the simplicity of them so they are perfect for daytime and I like the fact they aren't a typical circle so they're a little different to the standard hoop.

These cute little rings are perfect for layering and I think they look soooo pretty for everyday wear. They're super simple and I just love them! It's the little things...

How gorgeous is this watch?! I haven't really got any watches, to be honest, but I love how they look with outfits. I thought this one looked a lot more expensive than the modest price of £22 and it really does go well with a dressy outfit, really happy with it although I need to get it made a bit smaller if I can.

Those are my new in jewellery pieces, what do you think? I am happy with all of them, to be honest, I always get a little-worried buying cheaper jewellery online but I am impressed - especially by the big hoops!
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  1. I love them!! The earings are my favourite! Wish I could wear them 😫

  2. Those hoops are gorgeous, definitely better than those hoops you used to see in the 00s x

  3. All these pieces are beautiful! If my body wasn't swelling and growing so much I'd definitely invest in some of these! They're so nice.

    Katie x

  4. I only really go for affordable jewellery unless it's a special occasion - I pick stuff up so much! x

  5. i absolutely love your taste in everything and while i am not ususally a gold girl - i would take all of these picks!

  6. Such beautiful pieces! I've been changing up my pieces for Autumn too xx

  7. I love all these pieces especially the cute face earrings and those hexagon hoops!! I do wish I had more jewellery as it does make a difference to your outfit, so I'll have to check out these brands as all these pieces are so affordable.
    A Love Affair with Beauty

  8. These pieces look absolutely gorgeous! I love those hoops! xx


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