Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Why we could all do with a therapy session

It's World Mental Health Day today and I mean, I'm no doctor and I'm not diagnosing any of you with a mental health condition (although it affects a LOT of us) but I do want to ask you... have you ever been to therapy?

I know us Brits have a stiff upper lip, we're thick-skinned and rarely seek help yet in other countries especially America, it's just routine to attend therapy and why the hell not?
I feel like we are definitely making progress when it comes to mental health and the stigma that gets attached to it, we are speaking out more and raising awareness but I feel like seeking help is one of the biggest struggles at the moment when to me, it should be the easiest. 

We get our letters from the dentist right? every 6 months, like clockwork (and no our teeth aren't falling out) but we still go just for a check-up, Us ladies attend our smear tests regular check-ups again regular checkups to stay healthy, so why is it different to check our minds regularly? we use our mind every single day we should be maintaining its health and getting help if we need to.

IF you go to therapy and you are diagnosed with a mental health illness that's perfectly okay and it's so common it should be considered 'normal'. What even is normal? but it definitely is very common so it is okay. Some people need medication which I know have worked wonders for some who left it at a 'last resort' but at the end of the day if you were suffering from migraines you would take tablets, if you had high blood pressure again you would probably take medication so it is no different when it comes to mental health and really shouldn't be made to feel like a weird thing which I know some people do feel.

I feel like everybody could gain from therapy or some sort of mind management whether that's for mental health reasons or not, I feel like therapy can make you thick skinned, help you see things clearly and really bring you down to earth so you don't forget what is truly important on the grand scheme of things it really does boil down to a handful of little things and with the likes of reality TV and social media I really would love to see mind management taught in schools because I would have loved that and I think a lot of kids would take something from it. 

Basically, your not alone and I just wanted to write this post on National Mental Health Day and get the conversation started on therapy, is it accessible enough? would you attend? I am very lucky in my area we get free therapy and I think it's amazing and there are so many helplines which I will link below if you do need help. 

I'll be the first to admit that I have been to a couple of sessions and it really did help and I want to attend more. I suffer from anxiety which I touched on before on this post 'Health Anxiety & Smear Tests'. Anxiety is really hard and I think I let it get the better of me. The first real uncontrollable twang of anxiety I remember is when I went through heartbreak for the first time. I didn't know what was wrong because I had physical symptoms so surely it couldn't have been anxiety? that's what I thought anyway, I thought anxiety was just extreme worry but it's not, it has physical symptoms I was being sick multiple times a day but I couldn't eat a single thing I felt weak and hopeless and I was a complete shadow of myself. I lost 2 stone and was a small size 6 which naturally isn't my size and it was so hard because everyone was telling me how good I looked when I had never felt lower. This is one of my reasons why I never comment on somebody's weight loss or gain because it may not actually be a choice.

Links you may find helpful

Anxiety UK - If you've been diagnosed with anxiety

Mind - Promotes the views and needs of people with mental health problems

No Panic - to help overcome fears, help dealing with OCD and panic attacks.

PAPYRUS  - Young suicide prevention society

Please remember its okay not to be okay, we all go through different things and it affects us differently and mental health does not discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time. whether you're rich, poor, old or young and just try and talk to a friend, relative or even a helpline.
Let me know what you think, I would love to know your experience too



  1. I totally agree with you - everyone could benefit from therapy regularly - me especially! x

  2. i 100% agree with you!! i could defo do with someone to talk to sometimes!


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