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4 simple goals to kick-start May ♥︎


The more time that passes, the more I learn how to really establish my self-care routine, it’s something that I think is so important and will continue to make it a priority. I think it is essential to really take care of ourselves properly, beyond the face masks and nail appointments and to try and dig deep and nourish our soul and be in a good, happy mental state. So while chilling on the beach with my pup (6 year old pug) Louie, I’ve decided to choose this month to really get myself in a routine and better myself on every level.


Start the days early

So I aim to be up by 6am every morning, no later. I love a slow morning, I love turning everything into a ritual and enjoying things with no manic rush. The easiest way for me to do this is to wake up feeling fresh, so an early night/routine is a must and I keep the curtains open so the morning light naturally wakes me up which I find so much better than an alarm, if I do use an alarm I use natural sounds that gradually get louder so I barely notice it’s an alarm.

Be more ‘zen’

I used to do Yoga quite regularly and whenever I start getting in an anxious state I tend to stop doing things I enjoy, sometimes these states can last for weeks so I’m in such a conscious effort to push through when I feel a little bit negative. Yoga and meditation really benefit my mental health so I’m annoyed at myself for giving it up. I’ve downloaded the calm app to help me too.

Blog consistently

I’m hoping to blog more consistently. I say this all the time but when I’m in a slump, my blog is the main thing that suffers but I need to remember it’s a great way to vent and take my mind of things, so throughout may I’m hoping to post 3 times a week, wish me luck!

Have a relaxing vay-cay

Okay so I already have a little vacation booked for this month but I am such an anxious traveller and the journey is around 6 hours long so I’m going to plan ahead and get a neck pillow to nap with, my calm app and lots of snacks, oh and maybe Netflix show to binge to pass the time. Once I’m there I want to really relax, take photos, keep my little rituals in check and carry on looking after myself instead.

I’m keeping May simple, stripping everything back and keeping things relaxed and zen, what are your plans for this month?

I’ll be trying to post mondays, wednesdays & fridays this month what kind of posts do you like reading the most? Don’t forget to click the follow icons underneath to follow me on social media!


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