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4 ways to overcome self-doubt ♥︎

(never).pngHappy Hump Day! I was going to write about beauty but I thought I could help with that midweek slump.

Self-Love is bloody important and self-doubt is the little traitor that gets in the way. Banishing self-doubt can feel like an impossible task sometimes and we all have little bouts of it from time to time. It can be a pain in the ass and hold us back on big opportunities, it makes starting any task a lot harder than it needs to be. I’ve had a lot of self-doubt at the beginning of this year but I feel like I’m finally heading in the right direction ao I thought I could help at least one of you too.

Only think of the past if it benefits the situation

Looking back is normally a bad thing but for me and probably you too you might notice the times you’ve doubted yourself but done it anyway and it wasn’t as bad as you expected and has actually paid off. When you’re having a moment of weakness just think of the other times you’ve fretted and it has turned out all okay and that will help to slowly push out the self-doubt. Just remember you can!

Be open

A problem shared is a problem halved. This works for self-doubt too, talk to someone you trust and who has your best interests and tell them how your feeling. They can either help you feel better or you will actually notice that is all is slightly exaggerated and you shouldn’t doubt the situation as much. Doubts aren’t facts!


Do not compare! 

Comparison is the thief of joy but I know some of you do it! Don’t torture yourself with comparisons with other peoples highlight reel. Do you and if you want to compare yourself and use it as motivation and see how far you’ve come then do it. just don’t bother comparing yourself to someone, especially online. It’s not worth it and it will make you feel shit make a list of the things that you love about yourself. I actually struggled with this one lately I was in a rut and felt like I was being ungrateful but my body wasn’t healing itself like it should and it was hard showing it gratitude but I soon found a few things and had to rattle myself out of self-doubt myself and look at the bigger picture.

see everything as temporary

That feeling you’ll get when you confront someone or when you go for that job you always wanted, that nervous sick feeling it will go away! You’ve gotta be grateful for the good moments and thrive in the bad because it won’t last so don’t doubt yourself and just do whatever you set your mind to it will pay off!

I hope this helps at least one of you 4 easy ways to at least help swerve the self-doubt but practice makes perfect and the more we try the easier it gets! What do you do when you have doubts?



  1. Jenna
    March 14, 2019 / 2:53 pm

    Great post – these are all really nice tips. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    • aliciamode20
      March 20, 2019 / 12:26 pm

      That’s okay, thank you for reading! – Alicia xoxox

  2. Jess
    March 14, 2019 / 3:56 pm

    I’m not gonna lie, I have major self-doubt at the moment & the majority of that comes from comparing myself. But slowly I’m learning not compare myself and I’m seeing a big difference.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    • aliciamode20
      March 20, 2019 / 12:26 pm

      That’s so good that you noticed and were able to start changing it, comparing made an impact on me too sometimes its hard to help it but when you do start to stop you feel so much better xoxo

  3. Erin
    March 16, 2019 / 10:00 pm

    I love this so much! I doubt myself all the time – it sucks!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • aliciamode20
      March 20, 2019 / 12:25 pm

      We all do at some point, keep going though and I hope these helped ♥︎

  4. March 25, 2019 / 1:57 pm

    I love this post and could not agree more with you! x

  5. March 25, 2019 / 1:57 pm

    I love this post and could not agree more with you! These tips are great! x

  6. March 29, 2019 / 8:19 am

    This is so true. This year I have been trying to keep focused on what I’ve achieved rather than what others have that I haven’t. Great Post x

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