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Beauty | My Pamper Evening Essentials

Everybody deserves a little ‘me’ time in fact, I think its essential.

This routine is similar to my everyday night time routine but twice a week I like to add a couple of extras for a nice relaxing pamper evening.

I love doing this most Sundays but I also love a midweek on a Wednesday to kinda break the week up a bit and help relax me during a busy week. So I thought I would give you my step by step ritual when I’m feeling a little stressed and need time to relax at home.

First of all if It’s a full on pamper evening I love a long relaxing bath, I’ll leave my boyfriend downstairs playing FIFA, our pug, Louie will obviously follow me up and sit on the towels next to the bath! 

I will light a couple of candles maybe take a book to read or listen to music or maybe put a film on depending what I fancy. 

While the water is running I whack on some hair removal cream, I used to shave regularly but after I tried hair removal cream it is so much softer so has now slotted in as part of my routine. I only leave it on for around 7 minutes and take it off and clean up at the sink.

Once my bath is full, I usually opt for a bath bomb and if its specifically to relax me I always pick up the ‘Twilight’ bath bomb from Lush this is the one thing that has proved to be a success to help relax me. The fragrance was specifically designed to help you sleep, its packed with lavender which is used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep so if you struggle with anxiety or trouble sleeping this is an essential in your relaxed pamper evening, for sure.

While the bath bomb is fizzing away (twilight is a slow fizzer) The first thing I do before anything else is cleansing. I use Lush Cosmetics Ultrabland cleanser. I won’t bore you with details because I have mentioned it so much on my blog already, it is definitely a cult product that I will forever use I think, I haven’t found anything better so far.

The first cleanse is to take  my make up off I then go in for a double cleanse and do it again using the tiniest amount of Ultrabland just to properly get everything off my face and keeping it super soft. 

I completely skip the ‘tone’ step. Now, I just double cleanse and moisturise, for me this has worked wonders for my skin and it has looked and felt a whole lot better so I’m sticking with it.

I exfoliate my body with any body scrub usually, the Soap & Glory Scrub of your Life is amazing it smells amazing, its fresh, feminine and it really does make my skin feel brand new and super soft (perfect for if your fake tanning!)

Now my body is feeling super smooth and exfoliated, I then go in for a nice face mask. I’ve recently tried the Bare Minerals ‘Detox Mask’. This is incredible it makes my dry skin look glowy but also makes my pores appear smaller and my skin just all round brighter and smoother I love it. It works instantly too which I love I did a post dedicated to this post that’s how much I love it you can read that ‘here‘.  

While the face mask rests on my skin for 15 minutes or so I use this time to fully relax, feeling super clean and refreshed I either read a bit of my book or just lay in the bath listening to music or if I’m super anxious or stressed I listen to rain. It might sound strange but it works, me and my boyfriend actually listen to it on the T.V when we go to sleep now, it’s become a little obsession of ours.

I then hop out the bath, dry myself off and smother body in Lush’s Dream Cream moisturiser I wrote a post about that ‘here‘. 

So as its a super pamper evening I’m going to look my most polished. However, this is a controversial step, after moisturising and letting it sink in etc. I then fake tan. I am aware your not supposed to moisturise before fake tan but if I don’t moisturise it goes really patchy I think my skin is so dry I need a little bit of moisture so I always stick to this method if I’m fake tanning at home. I use Bondi Sands, usually in the light/medium shade for winter but I wanted to try the dark shade this time so I opted for that and I normally put 2 coats of the light/medium shade but only needed one for this so hopefully it will last longer.
Bondi Sands are an amazing brand in which I have become pretty loyal to its such a gorgeous shade and there isn’t a orange hue either it looks super natural. I then sleep in this tan and wake up looking like a bronzed goddess ready to tackle my Monday!

This is my perfect Sunday/Wednesday night ritual, It gives me that little boost of energy for a new week and a little fake tan definitely helps to inject some confidence and gives me an extra boost/

What do you do to relax? Have you tried any of these products to help?

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