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Beauty | The Perfect Base For a Radiant Sunkissed Complexion

My ultimate ‘make up goal’ is to look as if I have super radiant skin. I have super dry skin so when the summer rolls around I want to look so radiant and glowy with gorgeous sun kissed radiant skin. These are my go to products for summer for that perfect sun kissed glow.

I swear by this tan, This is amazing it has a gorgeous pinky undertone which doesnt make you go red or orange which some do, It blends beautifully and I’ve never had a single problem with this tan being patchy or anything, it’s the only fake tan I have ever used.

If you want to look like you have super silky skin then its probably best that it feels super silky, This stuff is an absolute saviour to dry skin, Its the only cream that is super nourishing without leaving my skin sticky.

Okay, keeping your face glowy is even better when you look sun kissed and radiant all over. This stuff is honestly amazing, I wear fake tan a lot especially in summer, I love wearing pastel colours on tanned skin it looks amazing, it blends really well and makes your legs look amazing in photographs so if your doing summery outfit photos this is a great thing to have in your bag – its smells awesome too!

I love this primer, I really struggled to find a primer that wasn’t matte or for minimising pores but I found this one and its super moisturising and illuminating it looks nice alone when I have fake tan on already or just as pretty under make up for a subtle glow. An alternative to the NYX is MAC’s strobe cream, its such a lot of product so it lasts ages and it looks amazing under makeup or without, its slightly more pricey than the NYX though.

This is such an amazing highlight, I can apply this with my eyes shut it doesn’t leave that horrible ‘stripe’ across my cheekbones its basically invisible with the nicest subtle shimmer. This is my key product for my skin looking super radiant. I also REALLY want to try the iconic london highlighter too!

I do love L’Oreals’ Luminique foundation but when you have an illuminating primer on already and highlighter you don’t want slightly shimmery foundation too. I prefer to use Bourjois healthy mix foundation its super hydrating its got a nice buildable coverage and it has a gorgeous dewy but not overly dewy finish.

To set your radiant dewy foundation this is perfect to keep it lasting longer without mattifying it and keeping that nice glow, Its super light and dewy and definitely the go to powder for a radiant complexion.

I only use the bronze side this is such a gorgeous shade and I love it to slightly contour my cheekbones whilst giving me a nice shimmery sun kissed look. I only use a tiny bit and lightly dust it over my cheek bones.

Hope that helped if your trying to find some dewy summer products. Don’t forget you can follow any of my social medias by clicking on the social media icons on the left hand side of the page 🙂


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