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If you wish to contact me for any question you can usually catch me on my social media platforms, comment my blog or pop me an email alicia_a_la_mode@hotmail.com

Event Invitations

I live in Essex, so if I have some spare time and I can travel to London very easily and anywhere else if I’m given enough time So, If you would like me to attend your event or restaurant or any type of opening that fits my blog just contact me ‘here


Press Samples

I am PR Friendly and obviously all opinions will be my own and 100% honest, this goes without saying really but honesty is massively important to me and I want to be a reliable and trustworthy source for my readers, I do not and will never take part or be paid for something I don’t love or wouldn’t repurchase or buy myself.


Everything you find on my blog are full of the things I love and would recommend. If you are a brand who would like to work together and you would like me to feature any of your work or products etc on Alicia á la mode please don’t hesitate to contact me ‘here


Social Media

You can follow me on any of the following to stay up to date and get to know more about me and my everyday life!


Just click the links below on any social media you would like to follow to go straight to the desired page.


Twitter – @aliciaalamode


Instagram – alicia_a_la_mode


Bloglovin – alicia a la mode


If you want to know any more about me or my life just click ‘here‘ for my ‘About Me’ Page.


I can’t wait to hear from you!


Alicia Xo


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