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Creating a relaxing bedroom – The ideal bedroom ambience ♥︎

a sunday well spent.png

I hope you have all had a really nice weekend! As it’s Sunday and let’s face it, Sundays are best spent relaxing and chilling something I haven’t been doing this weekend. I have had the most stressful weekend in a lonnnng time, I have been so anxious, upset, annoyed, everything. I wasn’t actually going to end up putting a blog post up today because I have been super stressed and didn’t have anything to really say but because I was stressing out so much but I decided to chill in my room for a while and read a book and watched some youtube on my iPad and I’m not 100% but I feel a bit better.

That’s when I thought I would grab my laptop, chill out and get typing. I really do want to be more consistent when it comes to my blog, one of my new year goals was to be more consistent with my posting and although I didn’t plan on any writing today because I didn’t feel like it in all honesty but ya’know sometimes spontaneous is better.

I wanted to show you little snippets of my bedroom, I use this sometimes as an office because this is the most relaxing room in our house. I’ve been collecting things for the past couple of months to really make it as tranquil and relaxing as possible. I’ve spent most of my day here which is what inspired this post.

I sometimes use my bedroom as an office too, its super light and because  it feels so calming it’s hard to overstress (and I can just get up from my table and starfish my bed if it all gets too much!) These are a few of the ways I created a super relaxing bedroom…

Calm colours

The overall decor is a white and grey theme, super light and airy and fairly clinical but I like to add little furnishings like twinkling fairy light, faux fur bedroom accessories to add a cosy vibe to it. Whenever I think of a relaxed calm room my head automatically thinks of whites, greys, blues and most pastel colours to be honest. White and grey is my favourite, its neutral so I can add any colour furnishing to fit the different season. I love it in winter with all the white faux furs and cosiness and then in spring I love adding pastel pinks and florals (florals in spring…groundbreaking🙄)


Lighting is everything if you can get a dimmer switch then I would definitely recommend getting one so you can have super low light. I used to have a dimmer switch but I get too comfy in bed so maybe get a remote control light if you’re lazy like me! I now have a Himalayan salt lamp, I love the light it gives off, really pink and moody. They not only look pretty on the bedside table or when it’s switched off giving a relaxing vibe but it also cleans and purifies the air helping you sleep, it makes you relaxed and it can help soothe some allergies too a bit like an air purifier without the essential oils or scents. Oh and I can confirm it does indeed taste like salt! I couldn’t resist licking it when I opened it but don’t judge me, we actually have a pot of pink Himalayan salt which we use for our food so it’s not totally weird, I don’t think? The other bit of lighting are my fairy lights, they are 3x3m which fit our wall perfectly, we get some good use out of these especially before I purchased the salt lamp I would put these on, moisturise my skin and relax, read a book and have a chat with my boyfriend everybody has these lights I feel like but who can blame them they make everything so damn cosy, I even have some in my living room .


Technology-free zone

I know, no TV? what the hell? In all honesty, having a TV in our room just seemed pointless and made me feel like I was just doing the same thing in every room. We have a game room which doubles up as a little cinema room so we didn’t need to have our TV in our bedroom anymore as well and I’ve loved it I fully switch off now and drift off to sleep a lot easier and instead of watching tv I’ve started to read more which isn’t a bad thing. One of my favourite homeware item I have ever got is these gorgeous rose quartz bookends from Oliver Bonas I only bought them recently but I think they’re sold out but ‘here‘ are some blue ones. They are insanely pretty to look at and have a subtle glittery gold outside which makes them look like really pretty pieces to have on the bedside table. I have a dish full of different crystals too next to the giant rose quartz bookends and I find crystals to be really relaxing and peaceful to look at, I know they’re quite popular at the moment both to use and as homeware and my nan used to always have crystals when I was a child, I remember her giving me a rose quartz to put in my lunchbox when I didn’t want to go to school so these are kinda sentimental plus I think they look really nice on the bedside.

Clear out clutter

One thing I noticed about being more relaxed in my bedroom was having less ‘stuff’ lying around. Having this nice and neat space with less clutter makes it feel so much more peaceful when my bedrooms a mess or I have too many things on tables it really bugs me and it’s just nowhere near as relaxing so the less clutter the better.

A little appreciation post for my bedroom which I hope you didn’t mind. Do you love interiors? How do you make a relaxing room in your home? I really love how we’ve made our bedroom so relaxing but still cosy.

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  1. Jess
    January 23, 2019 / 4:45 pm

    I am having a massive declutter at the moment and hopefully going to re-decorate both my room and the office. I really want a salt lamp when I’ve done!


    • aliciamode20
      March 10, 2019 / 10:35 pm

      ah sounds good! you should deffo get one – Alicia Xo

  2. March 5, 2019 / 12:34 pm

    I’m guilty of not keeping my room tech free, but i do have a salt lamp to help cleanse my room!

    • aliciamode20
      March 10, 2019 / 10:28 pm

      They’re so good aren’t they! I have one at the side of my bed, if it wasn’t for the game room I’d probably still have a TV in there haha – Alicia Xo

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