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Decorating The Christmas Tree

I wanted to share snippets of my living room with you while its looking super festive. This is super cosy and I love spending my evenings snuggled up with a gingerbread candle lit next to me, watching Christmas films.

The tree is obviously the main feature of this room. Its a 7ft faux tree. I know your thinking fake trees aren’t as good as real trees, I used to think the same thing. We were a family who had a real Christmas tree every single year and the thought of a fake christmas tree was like, no.

When I was a kid, faux Christmas trees were very sparse, not that big and not very nice quality. Nowadays they have insane trees and one for every home. Pre lit trees, snowy trees you name it they have it and they look incredible.

Real Christmas trees smell incredible but the needles are constantly on the floor you have to keep hoovering them up so your pets or babies don’t start eating them, Its a pain to get rid of after you take it down and it all seems a bit of hassle if your lazy like me haha.

I don’t actually have any downsides to a faux tree I don’t think, they last years so you don’t have to keep paying money every year for a new one, they don’t drop needles every where, they don’t start to slump nearer Christmas either and you can now buy decorations that smell of christmas trees so you can still have that festive smell!

We chose a 7ft tree which I think was from tesco. Its huge and it is really full with no gaps and its decorated with acorn and berries so it has the feel of a proper tree, I love it. My living room it quite cream and neutral so I tend to stick with the warmth of my lounge I opt for a super traditional red and gold theme for downstairs (I have a 6ft tree in my bedroom thats a completely different theme so stay tuned for that) These decorations I have collected over the last couple of years mainly from garden centres, they have the best christmas decorations – Especially tree decorations.

I took a couple of close ups of my favourite tree decs for you to see, I’m super happy with it, I think it looks beautiful and everybody comments on it when they visit which makes me happy.

The Cushions are from The Range I think and the little water bottle is from Superdrug

Just a few snippets from my lounge, Stay tuned for my winter wonderland theme bedroom decor – I love it it’s my fave!

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  1. Megan Elizabeth
    December 24, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    I love Christmas decorations! I can't wait to move out into my own home and decorate it all Christmassy and how I want. Your little pug is adorable xwww.itsmeganelizabeth.blogspot.co.uk

    • Alicia a la Mode
      December 27, 2017 / 6:10 pm

      Thank you! He loves a photobomb lol, yessss I love decorating my bedroom the most <3 – Alicia Xo

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