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Finding my passions ♥︎


Happy Easter! I hope you’re having the best weekend! How gorgeous is this weather in the UK?! I’m currently sat in my garden with an iced latte and a soaking wet pug drying in the sunshine (he’s been in his pool) I thought I’d just come on here and give you a little update. I feel like I’m forever giving you guys updates but in all honesty this year I’ve been a little all over the place and so up and down with my blog. I have had no idea which direction to take with my blog. I love fashion and styling and overall I think the aesthetics of a fashion blog are just so cool and pretty but in all honesty I’m crap at being a fashion blogger, when I’m out I forget to take photos of my outfits because I’m either too busy looking at scenery or stuffing my face with food and tbh I don’t like people wearing all the same kind of outfits which is what my social media is full of lately – people in the same outfits! I also don’t like feeling guilty for adding to the fast fashion industry too much (but I’m still learning about this more)



I’ve been thinking about where my main passions stem from. My main ones being beauty and skincare I love finding new products that work and I love telling you about them so you can find your holy grails. I also really enjoy giving advice (in real life and online) I love the engagement that I receive with lifestyle posts too, the more personal the better as I know they are the ones that help people the most. Not is comfortable speaking about personal things but I know when I was silently suffering from anxiety I would read so many blog posts even if I didn’t comment on them or engage I would screenshot some parts to go back to. The main blog posts I personally read myself are ones I can relate to or to research tips and tricks to help with different problems. I really do try and help as many people as I can and whenever I learn something new I feel the need to share it so that’s what I’m going to do. I will start posting a few outfits here and there on Instagram but overall I want my blog to be a place where a reader can escape like you would get from reading a book rather than it be an online magazine that you flick through for outfit inspo.

I want to give a quick mention to Beth Sandland, she is a travel blogger who is currently backpacking the globe and she honestly inspires me daily. I think I started following her a year ago maybe less after seeing her speak on a panel at an event. I just love her authentic Instagram captions and her rawness, it got me realising that those authentic posts and captions are the ones that I think about long after seeing/reading them. They are the ones that make a little impact on a hectic day and the type of posts  I would like to produce for others.

I want this to be a place of reassurance, celebrating women’s bodies, talking about mental health and easy ways we can truly take care of ourselves, Inviting rituals into your life and just being ourselves – and of course, I’ll be throwing in a beloved crystal here and there for good measure energy.

9557C65D-CCAE-497B-8209-FB48A285E299 copy I’m excited for you to come on this self-care journey with me, let me know what else you would like to see on here, my Instagram will be the place for a mix of everything, outfits, food, my pug Louie, crystals, skincare and the odd motivational quote! Don’t forget you can follow me on any of my social media platforms by clicking the follow icons below!


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