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Girl Undiscovered, The Luxury, Spiritual Skincare Brand ♥︎


Cult Beauty is one of my favourite websites to scroll through. Every beauty brand at your fingertips which means I’m always finding new brands to fall in love with. Here in the UK, we don’t have Sephora or anything, we are pretty limited to offshore beauty brands but thanks to Cult Beauty we have a range of brands from all over the world at our fingertips.



That is how I came across Girl Undiscovered, made by three friends from New Zealand, Girl Undiscovered started in 2016  the aim of creating a luxury skincare brand that is sustainable and perfect for self-care. Combining outer beauty with inner beauty by incorporating spirituality in with the products by using charged crystals in the ingredients. All packaging is made from recyclable and reusable glass and cardboard, they are also paraben-free, cruelty-free and ‘100% Wild’ (in their words) ingredients are sourced from small, local communities instead of being farmed at plantations so it’s free from fertilisers and pesticides and any nasties.

This is a brand that sounded right up my street, combining my love for crystals, luxury skincare and all things spiritual. The perfect products to help a normal routine turn into a pampered ritual. The ethics of the brand is what caught my eye first, and let’s face it, anything with crystals in and I am drawn to it any way but I love that it’s all sustainable products, mixed with spirituality and a hint of luxury, I honestly couldn’t think of anything better for my skin.


(crystal)The name alone just sounds amazing to me. It is charged with rose quartz and citrine moon-bathed crystals to help cleanse your aura while cleansing your skin. Made with cucumber, coconut water, aloe juice, and pure New Zealand honey. This cleanser draws out impurities, reduce redness and relieves dry skin too which I have needed lately with my constant Eczema flare-ups. It comes in this gorgeous glass bottle which is also made from recycled glass.


(crystalsstumbles) copy.pngAgain, the name of this product just sounds incredible as well, I love the boho vibe from this brand. The brand keeps the same ethics and recycled packaging throughout. I love how they are ‘100% Wild’ which they say means ‘better than just natural or organic because they source directly from small villages instead of plantations’ they use similar ingredients, Coconut water, Kanuka honey and they state in the description the  empowered girl band of 100% wild ingredients work to heal, boost, hydrate and brighten. The packaging is a beautiful, minimalistic jar made from, you guessed it recycled glass. This face mask is definitely the key to my relaxing ritual. After cleansing my face with the crystal water I then apply a good amount of this face mask on to my skin and leave it for 15-20 minutes to let it do its job, I wet my hands and gently massage to activate the exfoliating ingredients and I then leave it for another 10-15 minutes while I’m relaxing in the bath and then wash it off. It leaves my skin feeling amazing, I suffer from dry skin and it doesn’t leave me with tight or irritated skin it just feels really soothed and soft, Which I was so happy about I used to be a sceptic of natural products but they really are the ones that give me the longer lasting results (sorry mother nature!) I am slowly turning all of my makeup into more nature-based items, my skincare is pretty much all natural with no nasties and I am pretty happy about that!


I really love the ethics behind this brand and the spirituality that it combines with skin care. I definitely turn everything into a ritual at the moment and I feel like this brand caters to exactly that. I am so big on crystals and anything slightly boho and as soon as I started reading this brand I knew I had to try it and I am so glad I did!

what do you think of this brand? Have you tried it yet? Let me know if you have! Don’t forget you can follow me on any of my social media platforms by clicking the social media icons below!



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