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How I deal with Eczema mentally ♥︎



Eczema doesn’t just affect your skin, it ends up affecting your confidence, your wellbeing and your mentality. I’ve started speaking out about my Eczema fairly recently, the reason I hadn’t mentioned it before was that I genuinely didn’t think many people suffered with it. I follow two people on Instagram that are vocal about suffering with it and that isn’t a lot at all. It’s something I suffered with as a kid and now it’s come back as an adult and looking at Instagram and people around me with flawless or even normal skin can make you feel really really low.

I posted a poll on Insta stories yesterday asking if any of you also suffer from Eczema and hundreds posted yes, I was so shocked that so many of you also suffered from Eczema so I’m making it my mission to open up more and talk about it, find products that help and just open up a discussions about it because it can be really isolating sometimes, I’ve cancelled plans with friends, shoots for my blog, I almost turned down the interview in blogosphere but luckily they let me send an older pic. If I discuss it and I can relate and help just one person then I will be happy.


I’ve already told you how I use my skincare to help make my skin condition a little easier in my previous post which you can find, here. I know that it differs for some people but a huge trigger for me is stress. When I’m stressed I notice that I itch more and have more flare-ups so I really try and stress less, which is a lot easier said than done. I’m an over-thinker and I have anxiety so stress is a regular occurring thing for me, to stop it from getting overwhelming I have developed some tips and tricks to help me deal with stress when the inevitable happens. 

LRG_DSC08604The main way I have helped my stress is by writing and keeping everything in a Journal. I was keeping track of what foods I was eating and if they had an effect on my skin, keeping a note of my water intake, exercise, meditation etc.

I found this journal called ‘lots of love and positive scribes’ on Amazon and I found the Author, Camille’s’ Instagram and found that she also has another book called ‘the beauty of Eczema’ which I might purchase but I’m undecided yet. This journal does make it easier to note down and keep track on a daily basis.

I also love reading as well as writing. I love reading about crystals and wellness, I just find those super relaxing and interesting. A few of my favourites are Self-care for the real world, Dear Universe, the power of crystal healing and the inner beauty bible.

Yoga & Meditation have become my essentials. I could not exercise which has affected my mental health and my body but as much as regular exercise helps my mindset it was playing havoc with my eczema, instead, I have found yoga to be the best form of exercise  for me, it helps me to chill out, it acts as an exercise without making my skin get irritated.

I really want to be able to help more people because in all honesty, this has really affected my confidence and I hate how isolated it made me, I really love helping others, it’s one of my biggest strengths. I have been told I would make a great life coach and I would honestly love to take that career, I’d love to help you with your wellness journey and I would love to create my own journal or book.

What do you think? Am I setting my sights too high? haha

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