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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer

I don’t know if it’s just a mental thing but I feel like my face makeup works so much better when I use the same brand. I recently fell completely in love with the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. It’s a foundation I watched so many reviews on and I was always drawn to it after loving everything else from Too Faced so I obviously had to try the concealer to go with it.

Let’s talk about the concealer first, so they have 2 which I’m not sure if there used to be? The one I purchased was the naturally, radiant concealer which corrects and brightens (perfect for under the eyes) but they do have a super coverage concealer for a fuller coverage over blemishes. I opted for the lighter one because my eyes at the moment are SO DRY, like beyond dry, so I just wanted it to hydrate and brighten.

LRG_DSC08160This has to be one of the best concealers I have ever used, no joke. This blends so seamlessly into the skin and doesn’t dry or crease. It literally feels like your not wearing any but it is still a good coverage which I love because although it isn’t drying it still is quite a thick concealer compared to what I usually use. I got this in the shade Light Nude which is perfect for me it’s quite a yellow nude I would say and I usually wear fake tan pretty much all year and this works for both when I wear fake tan and also without any.

I will obviously mention the foundation while I’m here. I’ve probably talked about it before because it is incredible! One thing I love about both the concealer and foundation is that after I’ve applied it, it leaves my skin feeling sooooo silky smooth and not clammy at all, You know when you wear a foundation and it’s nice and dewy but you can feel it to touch? and it feels clammy, I hate that. This doesn’t do that at all, it dries really nicely and quick blending beautifully too. I am so happy with the concealer and foundation especially together and I can’t see myself changing this up anytime soon. It is so so perfect for this time of year, with it being super cold and causing havoc on my skin it is the best barrier to stop my skin from going so dry which is why it’s my firm favourite. It’s not dewy but it isn’t matte either it’s a nice Semi-Matte.

I really want to stock up on the Toofaced primer, What do you think? Have you tried anything from Too Faced? If you have, let me know your favourite products!

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