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Lifestyle | My Festive Winter wonderland Bedroom

My favourite room of the house is my bedroom. Its where I go to do my make up and get ready for the day, where I relax and wind down, sometimes I even double it up as an office and blog from my dressing table. I’ve definitely tried to make it as cosy as possible, its all white and silvery grey which sometimes can be quite clinical and cold so I try my best to make it super bright and white but with little cosy touches to make it more homely. 

If you haven’t seen my first Christmas tree already then click ‘here’ to see how I decorated the tree in the living room, it’s a 7ft tree with acorns and berry decorations, its a very traditional with golds and reds and I just love it. My bedroom tree however couldn’t be more opposite if I tried, its silver pink and white, the tree is a 6ft standard green tree which I have sprayed slightly with spray ‘snow’. 

I am actually quite impressed with this tree. I have a couple of decorations from next (the sparkly silver ones) and the rest are from garden centres, I have one that my niece bought me from Disneyland Paris when she visited one christmas and that is definitely my favourite tree decoration it has Tinkerbell standing next to a white glittery Eiffel Tower – If you didn’t know I love the Tinkerbell movies and I am obsessed with paris (I even have paris wallpaper!) 

It towers at 6ft in my bedroom, I decided to add light pink ribbon this year to break the tree up a little and I actually really like the outcome, I got the huge pink Poinsettia flowers from a Alton Garden Centre which is a huge garden centre nearby that is full of christmas decorations. I took a couple of pictures on my phone to show you, if you can I would 100% advise you to go its beautiful with so many themes, I also picked up a little white and pink house inside a dome and I think they match the ribbon and flowers beautifully.

On my dressing table I have this amazing ornament which my mum got me from The Range, its a cute set of drawers with a silver wintery scene, glittery christmas tree that rotates and lights up and a silver snowglobe sat next to it which its from homesense and inside it has two little reindeer with some snowy trees.

I also picked up 9 metres worth of white acorn fairy lights which I put above my bed with a little tinsel and I have the wall of fairy lights all year round but its still super festive!

Finally, my bedding. This is the cutest reindeer bedding from Asda its not too over the top but it still matches my room nicely and is super festive.

This is my favourite room and I am SO tempted to keep this tree up all year it just looks so cute! What do you think? 
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