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Lifestyle | The perfect Way to Transform Your Bedroom

I love my bedroom, Its my favourite part of the house. I opted for a grey and white colour scheme. I love the light airy colours they are so relaxing and spacious which is perfect for when I need an escape and equally perfect to use this as my work space too which is what I tend to do. I thought I’d give you the perfect way to transform your bedroom into a cosy little haven.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are every blogger/youtubers dream! These specific ones are from Amazon I think they were around £15 and they are 3mx3m which is pretty big. I can’t express how much they make a difference to a space. I’ve had them for a year and I still get excited putting them on in the evenings to cosy up to my boyfriend and little pug. They make the prettiest backdrop for blog photos and I really want some in the lounge because it just makes it feel so nice and like your in a little log cabin. They are also really good to use as a backdrop for photos which is another reason why I love having them.


I love making my bed every morning it just looks so much prettier than a messy bed and mainly because I am obsessed with my cushions. I have 2 huge corduroy cushions from Asda which were only £7 and honestly they are the comfiest, softest, cosiest cushions ever!! The little grey and silver one with the trees on is from Asda for £6 too (which Louie has taken a shine to). I’m obsessed with Paris so I have french inspired bedding and 2 cushions to match and obviously my huge pug cushion! I love my bed so much, I love the gloss white bed it matched my dressing table and bed side tables perfectly.

Pretty Prints

I love this room but I definitely needed a little personal touch and I really wanted some cute prints for my work space/bedroom and Jazmyn kindly sent me two of her prints that she created which I am incredibly grateful for she has a business called Bliss Prints UK you can find her business instagram ‘here‘.
I have already got my eye on 3 more for my kitchen that I cannot wait to buy myself! I went for this first print for my bedside table which says ‘Kiss me goodnight’ I just thought it was super cute and my bedside table was looking super bare but I just think the quote is cute and well fitted for the bedroom. 

The second print I got was this ‘No matter how you feel, Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and never ever give up’ and I love it! This is on my dressing table which I think suits it perfectly as its where I tend to get up and get ready and it’s just the perfect little motivational quote when I get up in the morning to get ready for the day or if I’m sitting on my desk ready to work. It’s a nice little pick me up if I’m having an off morning to quickly help me snap out of it.

They prints themselves are printed on gorgeous thick card and really nice quality they are perfect for making your home a little cosier and personal and they would also make the perfect gift – you know christmas is coming up! I am so happy with these prints and they do make my bedroom so much prettier I can’t believe the difference two prints can make to a room, I’m super happy with them and I definitely want to purchase a few more for my kitchen (another room thats pretty bare)
 If you want to purchase any you can get a 20% discount if you use the code ALICIA20 🙂 

I hope you love my little cosy bedroom as much as I do! Don’t forget you can follow me on any of my social media by clicking the social media icons on the left side of the page 🙂 



  1. Alice Hobbis
    October 27, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    I'm so in love with your bedroom, absolute goals! I love how simplistic it is with the colour scheme, grey and white is my favourite. Fairy lights just make any room feel so much cosier, I'm going to drown my room in them come Winter/Christmas time. Your dog makes a good bedroom model! Haha xAlice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

    • Alicia a la Mode
      October 29, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Thank you! I'm pretty happy with it to be honest white and grey can sometimes look cold but fairy lights just make it so cosy! I can't wait to decorate it for christmas haha! Louie doesn't move off the cushions, I did try but he's too cute haha – Alicia Xo

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