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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ♥︎

You have probably heard of the infamous drying lotion by Mario Badescu, If you haven’t umm… why not? This little baby is one of my all-time favourite beauty secrets. Celebrities love it, Youtubers love it and of course, us bloggers love it too. Ever since Kylie Jenner preached about this I saw it virtually everywhere. I definitely suffer from breakouts if it’s that time of the month or if I’ve been consuming too many sugary foods or drinks so I got to the point where I needed to do something about them because they were getting pretty damn aggressive and I couldn’t cover them up.


The bottle itself is small but mighty you really need barely any lotion to treat your skin. The liquid is mostly clear but it’s kind of separated at the bottom with a pink solution, your instinct will be to shake it up but don’t! It is supposed to be like this, you put a cotton bud all the way down until you dip it into the pink solution at the bottom and then pull it out and dab on the desired areas. It didn’t hurt at all, it stung a little on one or two aggressive spots but nothing painful, I usually put it on before I go to bed and then in the morning it is dried up and I wash it off and it has basically burnt my spots off! (in the least scary way) They don’t miraculously disappear but they are noticeably smaller (by quite a lot), they are less red and definitely less aggressive. This makes them so much easier to cover up and to just get rid of in general. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone with problematic skin, I will definitely continue to use this as a little treat when I’m having a little pamper as it works like a dream!

I needed to share it on here because it is literally a little miracle worker and I am wondering why I didn’t buy it any sooner!

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