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Travel | Overnight Stay In Whipsnade Zoo!

For my birthday, my boyfriend completely surprised me to a beautiful overnight stay in a log cabin in the zoo!! 



It was absolutely stunning, not like any zoo I’ve every been to, It was so open and had acres and acres of beautiful land it was so big even though it was packed it seemed empty and intimate.

As its in the middle of nowhere when your walking around you have gorgeous scenery all around you and the cutest little cafe and picnic area surrounded by beautiful scenery.

So we went around the zoo for a couple of hours, had a quick hot dog and some wind and beer with the most amazing view then we headed to the ‘Lookout Lodge’ reception where we was greeted with champagne and given our lodge keys, there are 9 lodges so there were 9 pairs staying in different lodges, they are all named after animals and we were staying in the ‘Bear Lodge’.

After settling in and getting ready we headed out to have a little ‘Sunset Tour’ which was amazing! A lot of the animals sleep 20 odd hours so it was a great chance to see the animals we missed earlier on. we got a little safari van around the ‘out of bounds’ part of the zoo  looking at the animals in the sunset. We saw so much more on this bit and the views were incredible we stopped off a couple of places to get closer to the animals and then after the sunset tour was done we headed off for dinner.

After a 2 course meal we then headed out again for a torchlight tour, Which was about a 1 mile tour on foot this time with torches obviously as it was getting dark to see the rest of the animals. This was my favourite bit, the zoo was basically rented out for us and 8 other couples it was so quiet with just the noises of the animals and it felt really special to see the doing there own little thing at night. I loved it.

This place was amazing and I would recommend it to any family, couple or group! not even the overnight stay if its out of your price range but just to go to the zoo as a day trip, it has so much to offer for young or old animal lovers

What do you think? Would you ever try to experience this?

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