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My Favourite go-to Christmas Films

I know this probably seems like a proper boring post to write but one thing I love this time of year is the festive nights in. Wine, a cheeseboard and Christmas Films! I love talking about Christmas films because I feel like everyone has a different favourite and everyone’s ‘top 10’ are never the same. I’ve put together my top 10 Christmas films that always get me feeling festive!

The Christmas Chronicles

Okay so this one is super new on Netflix and I loved it!! Kurt Russell makes the most epic Santa Claus ever (almost as good as Tim Allen, it’s a very close one) I loved how super cool he was and I loved Goldie Hawn’s Cameo, they are the ultimate power couple!

Christmas with the Kranks 

I mean, you can’t beat Tim Allen in a Christmas film, can you? especially when he’s paired with Jamie-Lee Curtis it’s such a fun, easy watch and I love the pair of them together.

 before and I Miracle on 34th Street

This is such a cute film! I only saw it last Christmas, maybe the one before but I don’t know how I left it that long its such a classic.

Home alone 

Another classic, I love both Home Alone films, well, the first two anyway I didn’t watch the others but you cannot beat these films, they’re not even that Christmassy really its just set at Christmas but still, they are great!

Fred Claus

I love Vince Vaughn! I think he’s hilarious and I love the little boy, Slam he is too cute! This is a bit of a different Christmas film and I think that’s why I love it, it’s more for the adults to enjoy that’s quite funny.

The Santa Clause Trilogy

I watch these as soon as it hits December 1st I have loved all 3 of The Santa Clause films. I’m not even sure which ones my favourite I genuinely think they are all as good as each other which is rare for me, I always have a favourite and I love Tim Allen as Santa Claus!

The Grinch

Well, What can I say? This is the perfect Christmas film for me. I love it so so so so much! I actually saw this at the Cinema when I was a kid and fell in love instantly with it and got totally obsessed. That Christmas, I got The Grinch on VHS/Video (I know old right?)  I watched it all through the year and I know the film word for word now oh! I had a talking toy of The Grinch too it was amazing. Jim Carrey played the part so perfectly that I am a little scared to see the new animated version haha.

Those are obviously just a small portion of my faves! but I want to know yours too, comment below and tell me!

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