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♥︎Rose Quartz Rituals♥︎


Hello! Welcome to ‘Rose Quartz Rituals’ if you’re looking for blog posts by Rose Quartz Rituals they are at the bottom of the page but first let me introduce you if you’re not familiar with my little passion project…

This part of the blog is basically the wiser, more mindful version of Alicia á la Mode! I came up with this idea a little while ago after getting messages about crystals, self-love, self-care etc and I thought as it seemed like a common thing for people to think about, why not put a little alter ego to the blog.

Rose Quartz (meaning Love, self-love, universal love) and my love for ritual, I decided to combine these words so it says ‘love rituals’ or self-love rituals’ and that is how the name came about.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and my house is full of it and I love it so I thought it was very ‘me’ and let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little natural pink crystal?

I know mindfulness, crystals that kind of thing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea so I thought for the ones who are interested then this is the place for you!  Although the name itself has rose quartz in the title it won’t be all about crystals, the core of it is to teach us how to take more time out for ourselves, the importance of loving ourselves, boosting our confidence, loving our bodies and anything that can help with a positive mindset!

I hope you’re as excited as me for this new journey!

You can follow the Instagram dedicated to this self-love chapter just click ‘here‘ or type @rosequartzrituals in insta!

All the Love & Positive Vibes!