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Self Care Sunday! ♥︎

Sundays are my favourite day of the week, you probably know this by now but wether my Sunday is a jam-packed family day or a chilled one indoors I will always make time for a head-to-toe pamper!

I do this mid-week as well but every Sunday without fail will be a pamper day or at least a couple of hours. I turn my bath time into a full-on ritual and I thought I would share my tips on how I do it, so whether you have a full day to yourself or an hour you can make the best out of your Sunday ready for the full week ahead!

Self-care is a little bit more than a pamper day or a walk outside. I wrote a post on the different types of self-care which you can find ‘here

Eco-Therapy – I love long walks on a Sunday morning. Getting out in the fresh air first thing in the morning really helps to wake me up and get my body moving. I also have decided to start cycling as well, light exercise on a Sunday without being a sloth haha.

Meditation – Obviously I am a huge fan of meditation, I found it hard to adjust at first, I’m not exactly used to sitting still thinking of nothing, my brain is pretty much 100mph most days so this has been a real learning curve for me, I make sure I do it every day and I love doing it before a little pamper ritual.

Candles – Candles are beyond relaxing, I love getting lightly scented candles like this Rosewood scented candle by Woodwick Candles. I love these candles in particularly because the wick crackles like a bonfire and it is the most relaxing sound and this scent I cannot explain how beautiful it is, if they made this in a perfume I would 100% buy it. It’s super feminine and relaxing and has a real subtle woody scent.

Crystals – I use a bunch of Rose Quartz surrounding my bath, I even have Rose Quartz candle holders which I like to have lit up around my bath to create a really calm spa-like environment. I personally find crystals soooooo relaxing to hold, to look at and I just prefer these gorgeous natural pieces around my home compared to man-made ornaments so crystals definitely work for me and are another great tool to make me feel calm.

Pamper – The bath is the best part of my Sunday (plus the roast dinner) but in all seriousness, the bath is the place where I really unwind and relax. I either have a cup of chamomile tea or a glass of wine (depending on how tough the week has been haha) while I’m relaxing and as I said my bath is surrounded by crystals and candles and I play music and use essential oils and bath salts so I can feel calm, relaxed and like my self-care is on top. Just by having a bath I really feel relaxed and a lot calmer.

Skincare – After the bath, I apply all my Eczema creams and moisturise my entire body from head to toe and then while that is settling in my skin I start my evening skincare which I’ll be doing a post about soon! I basically cleanse, tone, moisturise, use an eye cream and then finish off with an overnight facial oil and I roll my skin with my beloved Rose Quartz roller ♥︎

Journal – I’ve always loved to write ever since I was young but I only started writing in a journal since the beginning of this year. Writing all my feelings down in a book isn’t my kind of thing and not something I feel comfortable with so I started off just keeping track of my day with the beauty of eczema journal, things I ate, keeping track of my mood, and ticking off the self-care checklist and it helped keep track of my skin flare-up. Now I use a journal which I found on Not on the high street and this journal is perfect for me it asks questions which prompt me to reflect on the week and the questions vary each week questions like my favourite outfit, a compliment somebody gave me that week, things I did, people I saw and it’s a really nice way to document my life on a weekly basis without  sitting there writing all my feelings out in a book which just isn’t me I’d much rather talk about them to someone but I love this Journal in particular because I use it as a way to sit in the corner of the room, listen to music and reflect on the day and week that has just past. I really enjoy writing and it’s one of my favourite ways to wind down. So if you’re looking for a journal that’s fun and simple I would highly recommend this one.

That is my self-care Sunday ritual which I do every Sunday! I really make it a priority to have a pamper each Sunday, I do pamper mid-week as well but I think it’s so important to schedule in a couple of times a week where you shut off, have some me time and can really look after yourself. The steps mentioned above are a mixture of pampering and necessities. Meditation is something that is in my daily routine not just on a Sunday and obviously you should combine, health care, healthy eating into a daily routine because those are really important ways to really take care of yourself and I cannot preach enough the importance of self-care!


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