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Seeking Simplicity ♥︎


I used to think the word simple was a pretty boring description of something, but now it’s the word that I find myself drawn to the most. Easily understood, uncomplicated, without any difficulty, that’s my idea of simple. We live in a world full of chaos and I feel like as humans we tend to make even the simplest of tasks seem so complex and overthought.

This year I have really enjoyed stripping back everything. I started with my skincare which you can find here, I have found a solid routine that works perfectly with my skin and helps my eczema too so I have accepted that and I resist the temptations of buying new products (which isn’t so great for the skincare section of my blog)

I decluttered my vanity drawer, donating unused makeup to women’s refuge (I’m ashamed to say I had multiple foundations that were still sealed), same with clothing, I had so many clothes with the tags still on because I hadn’t sent them back to ASOS in time so I sent them all to charity, electricals like straighteners and the curling iron from 2010 that I hadn’t used for a year, it’s all gone and donated and I feel better already, it’s safe to say I legit have a capsule wardrobe and a small collection of makeup and around 4 handbags – simple. I am now really thinking before I buy things deciding if it’s going to help me if I genuinely need it or am I just adding to the clutter? because honestly I was just buying and not using things and it’s so wasteful.


Ecotherapy – my new favourite word, something I have wholeheartedly latched on to. Ecotherapy is basically a way of improving your mental health by being outdoors. Instead of binge-watching Netflix (as great as that is) I am trying so hard to be outdoors, the tv shows will still be there when I get back home so I’m not missing out on anything, but that cute little sunset that’s not going to wait so I am taking myself out more and try and be present.

Living a simple life is different for everyone. I have found that by eliminating all the excess that has helped me a lot. I’ve slowly become less bothered by buying things I don’t need that is where I have seen the most improvement. I have made an actual list on my phone of things that I buy/used to buy which benefit me like, gym memberships, meditation apps etc. and things that don’t benefit me, handbags, bad quality/cheap clothes, you get the idea. I now buy clothes that are amazing quality and will last me, like a little capsule wardrobe (more on that in a couple of weeks) one of my favourite brands are and other stories, they have amazing pieces that are incredible quality, they are slightly more expensive but the quality is unreal. I still love clothes and fashion but I am more picky about what I buy and how often. Since taking fashion away from my blog that also helped because I found that I was excessively buying makeup and fashion and a huge part of that was to create more content for my blog which didn’t really make me happy. So I’m definitely finding my niche in creating lifestyle content.

I would rather spend my money on experiences and memories rather than fast fashion that won’t last me a year and that has been my main motivation and I am loving the clean, decluttered life!

What do you think of the simple life? if it for you?

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  1. July 30, 2019 / 9:55 pm

    This is a really good idea that i need to get behind! I’m already doing that with my skincare, after having my skin barrier ruined i began to cut down the amount of products i put on my skin and it helped a lot. Ecotheraphy is something interesting to explore as well! Lovely post x

    • aliciamode20
      August 12, 2019 / 6:22 pm

      It’s so hard at first finding what works but ‘ecotherapy’ has really helped too – Alicia Xo

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