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simple tips to become a morning person ♥︎

Ah new year, new me (yep still milking the new year thing). We’re a week into 2019, how ya feeling? I’m not gonna lie I’m still not sure what day of the week it is without checking my phone calendar every 10 mins this week is such a blur and let’s face it, January drags but I don’t mind it gives me a little time to adjust to things and start on my goals so lets kick this fresh year off with some early mornings!

The early bird catches the worm

True Story. I started being a lil early bird back in summer and I won’t lie, it’s a lot nicer waking up to sunshine at 6am and smashing the day. I used to be such a miserable b!tch in the mornings, there was literally no point in trying to make conversation with me until at least midday and once I’d had breakfast but not anymore! Now I love early mornings who even am I?! 

There’s something so good about feeling like the only one awake, I love the feeling of being awake before the rest of the world has woken up and being up early enough to watch the sunrise see everything go from dark to light is such a nice calming feeling it’s when I’m at my most relaxed. If you have a busy day ahead getting up extra early is the best way to have a little bit of relaxing time before everything gets a little hectic. I thought I’d share with you my little tips on how to be more of a morning badass and honestly after a while, you end up waking up at 6am naturally even on weekends I wake up early and just laze in bed for hours without wasting any of my actual day its great!

Let’s start the night before and prep for our early morning, because waking up when it’s dark and gloomy and wanting to leave our marshmallow bed, is kinda heartbreaking. It really helps by having a routine.

 I love having a bath before bed, maybe a pamper because it really does relax us, finding some relaxing lavender-scented bath products work a treat too. I also love the pillow spray by this works to help me sleep and relax. Obviously, this isn’t an every night thing if you’ve had a busy day and you get in late you won’t have time for a pamper and sometimes I find it hard to shut off if I get in late so I fall asleep listening to rain or maybe a podcast. I always listen to Estee Lalonde’s podcasts (she has 2) I find them super relaxing I love her ‘the heart of it‘ podcast and I’ve listened to all of them multiple times, Identity and travel are my two fave episodes and her newer podcast ‘On The Line‘ is also amazing my favourites episodes are ‘Reiki’ and ‘Getting Zen’.

It worth having an actual bedtime (for the first time ever) have a bath and being in bed by 8:30 and use the next 2 hours to read or listen to music and just wind down. I try and stay off my phone or laptop after a certain time now to restrict or try and avoid too much ‘blue light’.


GET A GOOD ALARM! No lairy fog horn or sirens please, that would even send little miss sunshine over the edge. I would totally recommend any kind of nature sound to be your alarm, I use the one on my iPhone which is birds chirping quietly which gradually gets louder its one of the default alarms but If you can or want to invest in an alarm you should get Lumie ‘bodyclock’ alarm, it basically is a light on your bedside table which starts to come on gradually in time for your alarm which it will then be on its brightest, just bright enough for you to wake up naturally so you wake up by yourself feeling refreshed. You can still have a sound on too to wake you up too but by waking up on your own you don’t have that horrible groggy feeling, This will also help you from pressing the snooze button because you’ll already be wide awake. I’ve just ordered our alarm clock for my boyfriend he gets up 4am each morning and struggles so this will be great for him. ALSO! If you are a snoozer, charge your phone away from your bed so you have to get out of bed to turn it off, it works a treat.

I wake up and I don’t like going on my phone, I used to do that and I end up with achy eyes, more tired and end up staying in bed. So instead of this, I’ll put on some music on my phone or a podcast and I’ll make a little to do list there and then. So I know I need to get up and get my arse into gear, I’m obviously cuddling Louie while doing all of this which makes it hard to leave the bed but we do, we get up to make the bed (less temptation into getting back in) and it wakes me up and then I go and workout.

Working out at home is so much easier just grab some cold water or maybe a coffee and find a quick ten minute workout on youtube, maybe even yoga or meditation – If you have a dog like I do then this is the perfect time to take them on a nice walk, get some fresh air and wake up. I usually take a cup of tea with me too.

By this point guys, you better be lively haha! This works a treat for me and I have definitely noticed that you don’t need willpower to be an early bird (well maybe a bit at the start) but you just need to develop a habit and then it will stick and you’ll remain a morning person and you can enjoy longer days to smash those goals!

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  1. January 16, 2019 / 8:56 pm

    I really struggle with mornings, I’m much better in the summer than I am in the winter but still struggle lol! I do feel more productive when I get up earlier though! X

  2. January 20, 2019 / 9:33 pm

    I’m such a morning person! The first thing I do is make a cuppa tea and then sit down and go through my phone. It wakes me up and gives me time to relax before getting ready! x

  3. January 25, 2019 / 12:41 pm

    I hate waking up in the mornings but once I’ve had a cup of tea I find I’m my most productive in the mornings x

    • aliciamode20
      March 10, 2019 / 10:34 pm

      haha tea always helps! – Alicia xo

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