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Skincare products I could not live without ♥︎


I’ve had a lot of makeup-free days in the last few months and have spent all of this year finding products to suit my super sensitive skin which let me tell you, it has been eventful. Tears flare-ups and anxiety all based around having sensitive skin. All these products are the ones that will not budge for the foreseeable future, my holy grails ♥︎

I have read blog post after blog post, video after video trying to find products that are suitable for sensitive skin, and believe me there are hundreds that claim they are for the most sensitive of skins but for me, there are only a handful that have worked for me so I thought I’d share them with you if your skin is a little sensitive too and you want some products that aren’t too harsh on your skin.



I’m going to head straight in with the La Roche-Posay cleanser from their Toleriane range. I think I’ve mentioned this product before and it has worked WONDERS for my face and is gentle enough to go on my eyes. I use this to take my makeup off (when I wear it) and then I cleanse my face again with it. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, really smooth and not irritated at all, it even relieves itchiness from my Eczema. I could not live without this cleanser now and the rest of the La-Roche Posay products tbh! They are so soothing and have helped me so much, I had to buy the bigger bottle because it’s now a firm fave! I have tried so many blogger recommendations and famous cleansers but this one has fully got my seal of approval.



If you’ve read my blog before you will know I am a lip balm fanatic! I suffer from such dry skin that I actually feel a bit on edge if I don’t have a lip balm with me. I have a few favourites that I have managed to narrow down to three balms. I know that seems excessive but I honestly couldn’t narrow it down more than that. The first lip balm is the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Color replenish lip balm, wow that’s a mouthful! This has the most subtle, barely there, pink hue and I love everything about this lip balm. It’s the lip balm I use if I’m wearing minimal/no makeup, in the warmer months I love glowy no-makeup, makeup if that makes sense? I love looking like a glowy, bronzed and hydrated goddess and this lip balm fits that look perfectly which is why I wear it every single morning with or without makeup it just makes my lips look like mine but better and hydrated – One more thing, the packaging is bloody beautiful!


The second lip balm is the one I have on me pretty much 24/7 if it’s not the Estee Lauder lip balm its this Clinique pep-start balm instead. I have it in my pocket of a dress or in my handbag and it makes my lips look and feel amazing, again the packaging is super cute and you can get this in other shades too but I opted for the clear version so I can wear it without makeup and it just adds that bit of shine and hydration. I really couldn’t choose a favourite between this and the EL one so I had to choose both!


The final lip balm (honestly how have I written 3 paragraphs on LIP BALM?!) Anyway, the final lip balm is my beloved Nuxe. I usually have this on my bedside table, I actually think they have changed the ingredients slightly because since they have a new colour lid the consistency is slightly creamier? in a good way, I actually prefer it. It’s still quite a matte lip balm which I also really like, it’s not too glossy or sticky so I slather my lips in this before bed and it acts as a lip mask almost. I’ve been a huge fan of this balm for a couple of years now and I still love it just as much as the day I found it.



Body Lotion, WOW I have been through tons and tons of different body creams to the point I actually feel guilty about it. I have tried baby creams (in the hope they’d be super sensitive), I have used E45, Nivea, Vaseline and Cocoa Butter – just to name a few! I have spent fortunes on body cream in the hope it will soothe my eczema the one I found the most soothing – Aveeno and even Aveeno I went through buckets full until I found the one. I originally tried the regular Aveeno, then the oil-based cream, then the skin relief version until I found the Dermexa cream by Aveeno, clinically proven to reduce flare-ups and very dry skin and honestly it really does exactly that and I am so happy I’ve found this little gem I use this around 7 times a day, which sounds excessive but honestly I’ve been in tears most night due to having sore, itchy skin so to find something that eases that has been incredible.



Right okay, the bath is my sanctuary it’s where I feel the most relaxed and where I zen out and listen to podcasts or my calm app. I used to always get jealous of my siblings when they would have a bubble bath from a mermaid bottle with glitter and colour, I had to have this boring oaty milky bath with 0 bubbles. I’m still in that same situation now! but it’s okay I’ve learnt to let go and hunt out my own products.

You’ve probably heard of the Westlab bath salts, they have a couple of variations but I obviously opt for the one that’s suitable for eczema. I always add 1-2 cupfuls of this to my bath and think of it as having a pamper and giving my skin a little TLC. I use Aveeno body wash because that’s all I can really handle (lol) but I have found a vegan bubble bath by Kind Natured it is a sea salt and bergamot scent which is incredible, it is free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, silicone and 97% natural so it is fine to use on my skin and I am just so happy I can finally have bubbles in my bath and it smells amazing!


La Roche-Posay anti-irritation stick this is a game-changer! This is essentially an instant itch reliever in a solid form, you simply glide it over the irritated or itchy skin and it instantly relieves it, this did actually work for me but I did end up using it really frequently when my skin was at it’s worse, but it was amazing for quick relief its pocket-sized so it’s great for on the go.

Those are the holy grail products I couldn’t imagine not having in my routine, what are your go-to products?

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