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The surprising beauty essential for Eczema sufferers ♥︎



If you’re a long term sufferer of dry itchy skin like me, you will know the soul-destroying feeling of waking up in the morning with your skin bleeding, cut and broken. I often find myself waking up in the morning covered in cuts because I’ve spent the entire night scratching my skin without realising, I do it while I’m asleep! I have tried the silk gloves which ended up burning my skin slightly because I would use the fabric to itch my skin, I have all my lotions next to my bed in case I wake up frantically itching and I have even gone to bed cradling a freeze board (those things you freeze and put in a picnic bag – also amazing for hot summer nights!)


I was originally growing my nails out but had to cut them down due to slicing my skin each night, but even with them cut right down my nails would still seem to slice through my skin which would take longer for my eczema to heal and as well as it being itchy it would be really sore as well but One thing I had noticed, is that whenever I had my nails painted with gels or had a full set of acrylics, when I itched it wouldn’t cut me and leave me sore.

IMG_4989_Facetune_22-07-2019-19-15-10 2

Saying it out loud makes it seem like it would be pretty obvious but it hadn’t dawned on me before, I feel a lot more glam and put together when I have my nails done and now they are a bit more practical because the acrylic is a lot thicker than my natural nail they don’t cut through my skin because they are so blunt (even when I have my boss babe coffin shape)

So I thought I would share with you this little ‘beauty hack’ if you suffer from Eczema or maybe Psoriasis and tend to itch a lot at night this could be your saviour!  If you’re not a nail salon person or you’re trying to save money, I did find an at-home gel manicure set on ASOS. It’s £34.99 which is the cost of my nails at my local salon so instead of paying £35 once or twice a month in a salon, you could buy this little gel set and save your self some £££.

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