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Travel | My Trip to Paris Part 3

I have such a huge love for Paris, Its embedded in me now I think..

Today is our last day and as much as I miss home when I’m away and I always a tiny bit look forward to heading back, This has felt like a home away from home, We’ve been so content here.

After getting stuck inside a lift we left the hotel and jumped on the open top tour bus again today, Its such a cheap way to get around and you can jump of at any time, It works out even cheaper to buy a ticket for two days anyway, So you get to see the beautiful city in the sunshine. We did a similar route to yesterday, Notre Dame, The Louvre Etc.

The first place we stopped off wasn’t to far from The Louvre but we was on the hunt for Angelina’s its a world famous patisserie it looked so picturesque I had to see it in person…After getting a little lost and asking a few locals we eventually found it and they have the most amazing cakes! Its beautiful!

Walking out with some giant macaroons in hand we headed to Champs Elysees which I was pretty excited about. Champs Elysees is immaculate it doesn’t even feel like a shopping district at all its too pretty! They had a huge Sephora which I was happy about and picked up a bagful of beauty products, the highlight though was seeing Arc de Triomphe which is honestly stunning and it actually turned out to be my favourite monument its so beautiful – in real life especially.

We had our last little walk along the River Seine before we headed home and even got our portrait drawn which was pretty cool!

I will always remember this trip and I cannot wait till I come back Paris. This city is amazing maybe next time we will visit Disneyland Paris too! Have you ever been to Paris? Did you enjoy it as much as I have?

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