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Why celebrating the small victories will achieve big goals!

Being British comes with many things. Rainy weather, cups of tea by the hour and a stiff upper lip.

I love the fact we have a stiff upper lip (it has helped us get through a lot as a country!) but it can also be a little bit of a step back because us Brits we don’t show much emotion, it’s very British of us to struggle and to keep tight-lipped on these things but we also keep it buttoned when things are seemed celebrated mainly if they are small things, we don’t celebrate the small victories. We never give ourselves credit, we are pretty modest to be honest aren’t we?

 I think it’s pretty important to celebrate our small wins and although it seems like we’re up our own arse and a little bit conceited, I honestly believe it’s the secret to success. Small wins are just little milestones on your way to your main goal right?. So, your goal could be that you want to open your own clothing shop? So you would first make a brand, maybe rent a stool in a market and so on. These little milestones are equally as important because without these small steps you would never achieve your big, ‘main’ goal.

One small victory of mine which I still have a long way to go but my anxiety has got better, I think. For some reason I developed a weird anxiety with travelling alone I don’t know why or where it came from I used to think nothing of travelling alone, sometimes I’d prefer it, it wasn’t so much short trips but longer trips would be a massive ball ache, to be honest.

September 2017 was a little bit of a wobble. I was going to an event in London and I must admit I was a little nervous, in fact, I very nearly didn’t go because I was panicking about it beforehand. Fast-forward a year and I have been to multiple events, in and around London travelled alone and been fine. I know it’s such a small victory but if I had given in and refused to go to that one event I definitely would still be putting it off now. So if you’re worried about something and it’s a little out of your comfort zone grab your lady balls (or y’know regular male balls) and just do it. In all seriousness, you won’t regret it and the more of a mundane thing you make it the easier it is.

I feel like I really need to get my arse into gear sometimes and I almost quit my blog but I keep telling myself I didn’t come this far to only come this far. I can’t fail if I don’t quit, just keep learning and keep moving forward but one thing I really need to sort out is my Youtube Channel. I am gutted that I haven’t done it in time for Christmas and that is definitely enough to make me want to just bite the bullet and do it so that is definitely a goal, I have already filmed and half-edited some so those are my small milestones to get to my big goal! I’m definitely in the mindset of doing it really seriously and I am working on my new blog layout which is definitely the way forward! I’m hoping this will give me a nudge to want to keep my blog and feature videos on here too!

Basically, I really want to start celebrating the small victories and give myself and others a bit more credit! What are your goals or small victories?

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